Blackrock Psychological Medicine


Our Team: Dr Mathew McCauley, Lucy McFarlane & Dr Stephanie Bourke

"Committed to providing excellence in Mental Health Care for Adults"


Blackrock Psychological Medicine is a specialist adult mental health practice based within the Blackrock Clinic.

Approved by the Blackrock Clinical Medical Society, Dr Bourke and Dr McCauley provide excellence in outpatient psychiatric and psychological care. Staffed by highly experienced and caring consultants, the practice offers the following:

    • Mental Health Assessments
    • Pharmacological & Psychological Treatment
    • Liaison and Consultation
    • Medico-Legal Evaluations & Reports
    • Expert Witness Services


Psychiatrists are doctors who look after patients with mental health problems.

They assess patients, make diagnoses, they may investigate medical problems, offer advice, and recommend different treatments including medication, counselling or other life style interventions.


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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists are doctors of psychology who specialise in supporting patients with mental health difficulties. They integrate biological, psychological, and social information, whilst carrying out assessments and diagnoses. Clinical psychologists can support patients by providing psychotherapy and advice, along with consultative liaison services to GPs, various medical specialists, and medico-legal professionals.


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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday:   0900-1700
Friday: 0900-1300



Blackrock Psychological Medicine
Suite 13, Blackrock Clinic
Co Dublin

T: 01-2064217
F: 01-2780354