Data Privacy - Psychiatry

This policy is specific to the handling of patient personal data in order to provide psychiatric care whilst also ensuring the practice meets its data protection obligations.

The data controller in the practice is Dr Stephanie Bourke, of Suite 13, Blackrock Clinic, Rock Road, Co Dublin.

The purpose of processing data is to enable good clinical care, as well as for insurance purposes. The information collected and processed ranges from demographic information, through to physical, psychological and social data. The domain for this information is the domain of medicine in its broadest definition.

Categories of personal data

  • Administrative: Name address contact details- necessary to support the administration of patient care.
  • Medical record: Individual health identifier, an electronic patient recording information taken during assessment and treatment. Given the nature of psychiatric care, this will contain very personal information. Information from other health services, collateral history, 3rdparty information provided, details of test results. This is necessary to provide patient care.
  • Account details: record of billable services, patient name, address, contact details, billing and payment records. This is required for providing a service and billing. The practice does not retain details of card numbers.

Sharing data

  • Health Providers: Dr Stephanie Bourke is subject to the privacy and confidentiality ethics and rules overseen by the Medical Council. When a patient is referred by a GP, it is good practice to feedback to the GP, the content of this feedback is discussed with the patient.
  • Data Processors, with a contract: Practice Software Vendors, Online Data backup companies. Dr Bourke currently uses a software package called DGL, provided by Clanwilliam Health.
  • Legal arrangements: Coroner, Revenue, medical council.
  • Third Parties, with explicit consent: Solicitors, Insurance companies, Health insurance Companies, Banks.
  • The practice takes care to ensure that only the person meant to get the data receive that data. In circumstances where there is doubt about consent or who is receiving the information, data will be withheld.

Time limit

All records will be destroyed 8 years after Dr Bourke ceases practice. 


All staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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